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One day of visiting old transylvanian cities, Biertan fortified church and Sighisoara!
Is Sighisoara your place to visit in Transylvania? Time is not enough to see the touristy places on the way ? Come with us on a day tour and take the chance to visit the Salt Mine of Turda, the fortified church of Biertan and the medieval city of Sighisoara!

Join us for a great day of travelling from Cluj to Sighisoara !.
through the salt mine's galleries ...

Visiting Turda Salt Mine is a must for any visitor to this regon. One of the most important salt mines in Transylvania during the middle ages, , Turda salt mine has been known since ancient times, but was put into operation for underground mining work during the Roman period. The Salt Mine is mentioned in official documents from the middle of the 13th century, when the mine was offered to the Transylvanian Catholic Church leaders. The mine started to fall into decay after 1840, due the growing competition of the salt mine in Ocna Mures. It ceased its activity in 1932 and starting from 1992 entered into the touristic circuit. Apart from it's turisty value, the inside average humidity, the constant temperture of 11-12 ºC, the lack of pathogen bacterium and the moderate air ionization, has a wideknown benefic effect over the breathing apparatus.

Biertan fortified church

A few kilometers from Sighisoara is the fortified church of Biertan (Birthalm), one of the best preserved in Transylvania, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The village is known since 1283 when a document mention an economic relationship with the diocense of Alba Iulia. Gradually the locality grew and in 1418 King Sigismund of Hungary conveyed to it the right to hold court; about one hundred years later the construction of a new home for the Episcopate was begun in the area. The present church was built by the Saxons in the late 15th century. The construction lasted until 1522, while Biertan became the Episcopal residence 50 years later, a great privilege, which it was to keep for the next three centuries. The magnificent walls which fortify the church stand 12m tall. Beyond the wonderful church which can be seen from kilometers away, is the "Marriage House" found in one of the towers outside the church itself, used also as a prison. Prudent people approached their relationship with God with reverence and they did not easily tolerate divorce. That's why, when couples would come here to ask the priest for a divorce, they were locked in the prison, out of contact with anything and anybody. Once inside, they would find only one item of everything they needed to live, one bed, one bowl, one spoon,so that they were forced to share everything. If there was no reconciliation between them after two week on the "jail", the divorce would be granted. Fortunately, these last cases were so rare that they are barely mentioned.
Close to the church will have lunch in a unique medieval style restaurant.
After more than 200 km journey, we will end our tour by walking on the cobble stone streets of Sighisoara, and enjoying a local plum brandy, ("tuica") at Dracula's birthplace house ...


Tour information:
- duration - between 11 and 13 hours;
- validity - thoughout the year;
- minimum persons required - 2.
- transport - the tour is planed to start from Cluj, taking you to Sighisoara via Biertan. Returning to Cluj on the same day will be via Targu-Mures;

- 120 euros / person for minimum 2 people;
- 80 euros / person for 3 people;
- 60 euros / person for 4 people;
- 68 euros / person for 5 people;
- 56 euros / person for 6 people;
- 48 euros / person for 7 people;
- 42 euros / person for 8 people;
- 47 - 30 euros / person for 9 - 14 people;
- 33 - 40 euros / person for 15 - 20 people;
- 38- 25 euros / person for 21 - 31 people;

Note: get over 20% off the total price by being accommodated at Retro Hostel!

Prices includes:
- transfer and tour Cluj - Turda - Aiud - Biertan - Sighisoara - Cluj, by car or minibus;
- English, German, Italian or Hungarian speaking guide;
- snack and refreshings, in the car;

Prices excludes:
- entrance tickets throughout the day;
- the meals during the day;
- personal expenses.

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