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A journey into the Romanian Communist dictatorship and Ceausescu's trial and execution
The Romanian Communist tour

All the Romanians are carrying on their back a terrible weight.

Some of us realize it and speak loudly about it, some others know it but they rather keep silent....

The 45 years of the Romanian Communism changed our country dramatically - hundreds of thousands of people had been imprisoned and many of them killed by Securitate - the armed force of the Romanian Communist Party, under the direct supervision of the Soviet occupation regime. From Sighet to Periprava, from Jilava to Ramnicu Sarat, the Communist repression manage to fill the prisons and the labour camps with political prisoners and to establish a "brighter" regime based on terror and oppression.

To get the cynical perspective of this newest political direction - it was all in the name of the (labor) population, a "tremendous opportunity" to set us free ....

Having less than 1000 party members in 1944, The Romanian Communist Party, based on the second world war evolution and along with the USSR army set in Romania, managed to reach power after they won the 1946 fake elections.

Soon afterwards, the Romanian Communist Party became the only political party accepted in the country, people having a "unhealthy origin", i.e. non-communist political party members, priests, intellectuals, rich peasants, and many other figures who didn't match the "labor class portrait", lost their position, freedom or life.

The huge mechanism of people's brain washing turned on its engine.
The NEW MAN, as postulated by the Communist ideologists, was born.

Our travel agency is offering you a specialized tour on the Romanian communist regime, the 1989 revolution / coup d'état, the Ceausescu's "trial" and execution on 1989, Day of Christmas.

Our tour will take you on the streets of Bucharest, through the corridors of The Palace of the Parliament -

the second largest building in the world - the very symbol of the Romanian totalitarism, then to Targoviste - the garrison where Ceausescu's couple received his death penalty and got executed. Optionally a day tour can be organized to Jilava prison and Pitesti prison - two of the most terrifying extermination prisons in Romania.

The Romanian Communist tour

Among the people who will give their best for you to have a perfect staying: Dorin Marian Carlan - your guide at Ceausescu's execution place in Targoviste, one of the three officers who followed the order to shoot Ceausescu and his wife, prof. Ioan Scurtu a recent history professor, who will lead a seminar on Romanian communism, Mr. Dan Voinea - r. general, prosecutor during Ceasusescu's trial and Mr. Doru Maries - Romanian revolutionary in 1989, President of the Association December 21st, they'll both share their perspectives on Romanian communism before and after 1989.

We like to believe that the days you are going to spend in Romania will help understand more about the Communist repression and both about the Romanian national destiny.

Here is a brief about the tour:

Day 1:

- airport pick up in Bucharest , or transfer to Bucharest;
- transport your residence hotel while exploring Bucharest. The transport to the hotel will last for about 45 minutes, depending of the traffic;
- dinner at the hotel;

The Romanian Communist tour

Day 2:

07.45 - breakfast at the hotel;
- 08.30 o'clock - meeting in front of the hotel for Bucharest 2 hours city tour - on the bus, led by a local professional guide. The tour will be followed by another 2 hours visit at the House of the Parliament, the second largest building in the world, a Romanian symbol of totalitatism;
- 13.00 - o'clock lunch in Hanu lui Manuc walking distance from the House of the Parliament;
- 14.30 visit at the Military Museum;
- 19.00 - dinner in the city center;

Day 3:

- 07.45 - breakfast at hotel;
- 08.30 - meeting in front of the hotel for "Ceausescu trial and execution tour";
The tour will follow Ceausescu's itinerary after leaving the Communist Party's Central Comitee to Snagov, being knaped first by the police officers and then transported to Targoviste Garrison. Here Mr. Carlan - one of the officers who shot Ceausescu's couple in December 1989 will lead the tour and give all the details.
- 13.30 o'clock lunch in Targoviste old town;
- 16.30 Lecture hold by a recent history professor, focused on the fake elections in 1946 - the beginning of the communist regime in Romania, the Sovjet Union ocupation, the Romanian Communist time, the fall of the Iron Courtain in Romania, the Revolution in 1989 and the day time democracy. Questions and answers session;
-19.00 o'clock - dinner at a Bucharest Romanian traditional restaurant;

Day 4:

- 07.45 - breakfast at hotel;
- 08.30 - "Faces of revolution" , conference hold by Mr. Dan Voinea - r. general, prosecutor during Ceasusescu's trial and Mr. Doru Maries - Romanian revolutionary in 1989, President of the Association December 21st;
- 13.30 - lunch at La Caru Cu Bere
" free time until the time of the flight / walking tour in the city center - Lipscani area;

The Romanian Communist tour

The tour includes:

- specialized guiding (English or / and German language);
- acc
ommodation in 3 or over 3 stars stars hotels, breakfast, lunch and dinner;
- accommodation and all the meals for the guide and driver;
- guiding and professional lecture hold by an recent history professor;
- guiding at Targoviste by Mr. Dorin Marian Carlan;
- transport on a high class bus;
- car insurance for all passengers and their goods while in the car;
- entrances to all the touristy spots planned to be visited;

The tour does not include:

- personal expenses;

Feel free to contact us for the rates and more infos on this tour!

The programs are flexible according to your time of departure, the weather conditions and nevertheless, your own proposals.


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