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One full day hiking trip to Piatra Secuiului peak at Rimetea village
Piatra Secuiului peak
The goal of this tour is to reach the Piatra Secuiului peak, but before going hiking we'll visit the salt mine of Turda, a must for every traveller in this region.
Known as one of the most important salt deposits in the entire region of Transylvania, the mine has been in operation since the Roman times. The Salt Mine is mentioned in official documents in the middle of the 13th century, when the mine was offered to the Transylvanian Catholic Church leaders. In the Middle Ages, Turda was one of the largest places of salt extraction in Transylvania. It ceased activity in 1932, to be used as an anti-air craft shelter during the Second World War. Starting from 1992 the mine entered into the tourist circuit. With its impressive galleries, mining system, great accoustics and very healthy microclimate, Turda Salt Mine is most definately a place to visit.
Rimetea (Torocko) village - located in front of a 1129 metre high rocky mountain, Remetea is an old Hungarian village built by German miners who were brought here for extracting iron. It was the Germans who built the remarkable houses in the village center that have a unique architecture, and are now part of European heritage. Between the Sixteenth and Nineteenth Centuries, Remetea became an important Hungarian cultural center, having a famous High School where many Hungarian leaders graduated. In addition, traditional costmes and mining hand-tools can still be seen on display in the village museum. Because of its location at the foot of Piatra Secuiului mountain, Remetea village is well known as the place where the sun rises twice. Observed from a specific angle, and only for a few weeks per year, the sun rises initially to the left of the mountain. It then appears for the second time in a middle gorge. Approximately two hours after leaving the village, we will hike to the peak of the mountain. The reward for your two hours of sweating will be an amazing view over the village, the Coltesti Castle, along with several other scenic valleys.
a view from Coltesti castle

After an easy walk back from the ruins to Remetea, we will stop to visit the museum and indulge in a Hungarian lunch. Finally, in the village, you have the choice of visiting Remetea's church, doing some hand-crafts shopping, or maybe even both!

Tour information:

- duration - between 9 and 11 hours;
- validity - thoughout the year;
- minimum persons required - 2.

- 105 euros / person for minimum 2 people;
- 70 euros / person for 3 people;
- 52 euros / person for 4 people;
- 63 euros / person for 5 people;
- 52 euros / person for 6 people;
- 45 euros / person for 7 people;
- 39 euros / person for 8 people;
- 44 - 29 euros / person for 9 - 14 people;
- 30 - 42 euros / person for 15 - 20 people;
- 40 - 27 euros / person for 21 - 31 people;

Note: get over 20% off the total price by being accommodated at Retro Hostel!

Prices includes:
- transfer and tour Cluj - Turda Salt Mine - Turda Gorge - Rimetea - Cluj, by car or minibus;
- English, German, Italian or Hungarian speaking guide;
- snack and refreshings, in the car and while hiking the mountain;
Prices excludes:
- entrance tickets to the Salt Mine and the Village Museum in Rimetea;
- the Hungarian lunch in Rimetea village;
- personal expenses.

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